The Best Proxy Provider 2021

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Tips on Finding the Best Proxy Provider

A private proxy server can ensure that your network remains secure when you’re surfing on the web. The proxy does this by concealing your personal IP address and using a revolving series of different IP addresses instead to confuse websites collecting cookies. When these sites try to keep a record of your browsing history, they will end up being confused. In addition, the private proxy can also protect you from hackers by scanning the traffic from the web and checking it for malware, as well as examining outgoing traffic to see if your data is leaking.

Another benefit of using a private proxy is that it protects your privacy when you access the Internet through the Wi-Fi of a public area such as a coffee shop. Many of these places try to recover the costs of providing free Wi-Fi by directing their clients to pay sites.

What are the things you need to keep in mind when you’re choosing a private proxy?

  1. Is it compatible with your computer’s operating system? In general, private proxies will work with all systems, even Linux. However, there may be some proxies that work only on particular systems. If you choose such a system, you should ensure that you are running this particular operating system on your computer.
  2. Should I use a free proxy server or a paid service? There are free servers that are available, but the feature set will be limited. If your security requirements are simple, however, a free server may be enough for you. If you need more comprehensive protection, however, you will need to pay for the service.
  3. What are the features available with the service? The two most important features you should have are a lot of IP addresses and the ability to rotate them at will. This is particularly important if you are serious about protecting your anonymity while on the web, since revolving your IP address makes it more difficult for sites to compile your browsing history.
  4. What is the pricing structure of the best proxy service? There are several ways that a private proxy can charge for its services, including by IP address and by time period (monthly, etc). Look for the one that best meets your needs. Keep in mind, however, that with higher charges you get more features.
  5. Does the private proxy provide you with cached versions of your web pages? This feature can help you save on bandwidth charges, since users are given a cached page rather than having to consume bandwidth by retrieving the hosted page. In addition, providing the user with a cached page can improve their surfing experience, since the page loads faster. This helps you avoid overage charges when you exceed the bandwidth allocation provided to you by your hosting service.
  6. Will it allow you to restrict access to certain sites? You can improve productivity by using the proxy to filter Internet usage and block your employee’s access to particular sites, such as gaming or entertainment sites.

Finally, to find the best proxy may have to consider on many factors. If you’re not so sure. Most of them have trial account that you can try. After test, if you feel good about it then you can upgrade your plan.